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Exicom's Cockatoo

Exicom's Cockatoo Series provides High-Capacity Multi-Domain IP Mesh Connectivity in Challenging Environment. Surveillance Operations can greatly benefit from the Immensely Powerful ability to extend a significant Bi-Directional Capability to Inaccessible Areas, Beyond the reach of Current Technologies. All Cockatoo Platforms are HD ready with Dual Video Encoders Built In. In standard Mesh Mode the Cockatoo Series offer up to Quad Receive Diversity for Extremely Robust Performance and Maintains Diversity Receive for MIMO Modes. When the need for Fast and Simple Communication is of Utmost Importance, The Cockatoo Series is Well-Suited for use in Inner City Areas where they can operate even in Non-Line-Of-Sight (NLOS) Environments.

Key Features

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