Condor Lite Series 100mW
Condor Lite Series 1W
Condor Lite 2W Airborne

Exicom's Condor Lite

Exicom's Condor Lite Radio's are Ruggedised and Miniature Mesh System, Designed considering SWaP for Mission Critical UxV Applications and particularly suitable for small and Body Worn System. Condor Lite architecture offers a full 2x100mW output power and provides access to a Wide Range of IP Mesh Capabilities and includes our latest MeshUltra Waveform. With two USB Interfaces capable of supporting USB Cameras and Headsets as well as Wi-Fi, Cellular and Ethernet Dongles, Mesh Radio can also be connected to a Range of Host Devices using RNDIS "Ethernet over USB" Connectivity.

Condor Lite-1W offers full 2x1W Output Power. The Radio is Capable of Operating in Mesh and also as a Unidirectional COFDM Transmitter or Receiver. Condor Lite-1W ideally is suitable for Long Range UxV Application and it also includes Rich Interface Options including Ethernet, RS-232, Dual USB and On-Board Headset Audio Interface. The 1W Version of Condor Lite also comes with a Fully Functional USB-C which is also PD Enabled.

Key Features

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