Handheld Series

Exicom's Handheld

The Special Role Handheld Radio joins Exicoms family of IP Mesh and P2P COFDM Radios Designed to meet the Requirements of a Diverse Range of Surveillance and battlefield Applications. Today's battlefield is much more Dynamic and Adversaries have adopted Cyber and Electronic Warfare Tactics. To stay ahead, we need to ensure that Dismounted Soldiers have the same Secure and Robust Communications Experience while on-the-move as they do At-The-Halt.

The Handheld Mesh Radio powered by Exicom's unique Mission Critical Tactical COFDM Mesh Waveforms, Delivers High Bandwidth Full Motion Video (FMV) from Helmet and Body Worn Camesas, Low Latency Full-Duplex Voice throughout the Team and Supports the Sharing of Critical Mission Data on Ground, where it is needed. It combines a familiar "Soldier Radio" physical form Factor, Bullet Resistive Construction and Simplified user Interface with the ability to use Standard MBITR-Style Battery Packs, Chargers and Holsters.

Key Features

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