Wireless Topology

• Video Downlink
• Battlefield Management
• Tactical Mesh Dismounted Soldier
• Airborne Applications
• Maritime Mesh
• Robotic Application
• Rural Solutions
• Canine Solutions

What Do We Do?

Exicom Technologies (India) LLP an Indian Company provides customised solutions in the field of covert operations, surveillance, security etc. Under Make in India initiative. Exicom deals with manufacturing of Video Airborne Downlink Equipment and Manet Mesh Data Radio. Exicom has already supplied customised Video Transmitters, Mesh Manet Radio to various security agencies including Defence. Exicom has the capability to produce customised solutions for Special Forces of Mil & Civil, Integrated surveillance solution. Video, Audio and Data based Command and Control links for land, Sea or Air (SWARM).

Why Work With Us?

• The Best Wireless Solution
• Reliable Products
• Designed for Harsh Environments
• Quality of Products and Services

Exicom prides itself on providing reliable, cost effective solutions to it's global customers. If you need a wireless solution, we can help.

Want Some More Information?

Just drop us an email sales@exicom.co.in we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.